Video production

From the script to editing, including direction, music, 3D modelling and post-production. The focus is on a continuous visual and passionate search for new expressive and technological means, with a special emphasis on consistency with the brand’s integrity.

The aim is to produce an evocative, faithful and contemporary filmographic experience for even the smallest of productions, telling meaningful stories for communication on the web or social media. Daily collaborations between architects, art buyers, storytellers, photographers and artists enrich the projects with an all-round vision. Every step, from pre-production through to the set design, benefits from the expertise of dedicated figures, with the advantage of immediate operational fluidity.

A Day with Love the Sign

Unesco Festival Director’s Reel part. 1

Unesco Festival Director’s Reel part. 2

Disintegration IO a day with the artist Marco Sorgato

Unesco Festival: Il ciclo degli Arazzi del Duomo di Modena